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Name: Sarah Lovin Country of Origin: Germany / Romania Occupation: Full Time Nanny

"Honestly, I thought this was just another virus going around, I never thought it would be so serious until I realized how many people were dying because of it. I was in Austria when the virus first spread In Italy and they decided to close the railway from Italy to Austria to prevent it from spreading to there, I thought well this is getting serious if it came to that."

"I feel fear and concern for my family abroad and my family here. It scares me to know that there is nothing I can do for either of them because I can't visit them or help them or just spend my time with them. My family here is so close to me yet so far away. It scares me not knowing when I'll see my parents again. And I feel angry, angry that this virus has consumed our lives."

"My life has and hasn’t changed in many ways. For starters I don’t go to work since I don’t want to risk getting them sick or getting sick myself, so I stay home. I'm not qualified for unemployment benefits so that changed a lot, but I'm staying positive and I'm hoping that I can go back to work soon. My life also changed for the better, I'm more appreciative towards people and things. I work out much more than I have before, I started cooking healthier and I'm finding new skills every day. So not too shabby... I do miss the outdoors though."

"Things will take time to go back to normal or a new normal. Everything will be different. It showed me to be more patient with myself and have more faith. I'm more appreciative of things in my life. It soothing to see and know that the whole world is in this together and it's making us stronger as we go. There is a reason all this is happening. Either way mother earth is getting a chance to rest and heal a bit."

"I hope so but knowing humankind it'll take time. Outbreaks like to be forgotten for a while once it's over or controlled. We tend to get back to our former habits. I think certain things will change such as traveling, the economy and the way we treat our elderly. One is for sure we'll have more respect for hygiene. This is something that we'll remember for years to come and we'll just have to adapt to a world after COVID-19 and accept the new normal."

"Speaking with my family and friends. Remembering that I'm not alone in all this. Enjoying the little things. Spending quality time with my partner and pet and just making the best I can of this situation. And knowing that life is beautiful and to not take it for granted. Don’t let thins bring you down and discourage you, embrace it and make the best you can to keep smiling and love life and the world."

Photography: Eitan Riklis

Text: Sarah Lovin

© Eitan Riklis Photography 2020

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