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Name: Laura Tatar Country of Origin: United States of America Occupation: Artist and Healer

"I wasn’t exactly sure how to react at first. I kept questioning my own thoughts and feelings. I saw others panicking and it really affected my own stress and anxiety. The more I could be with myself, the more grounded I felt. The more influenced I was by the instability of others, the more imbalanced I felt."

"The unknown is a terrifying thing but it’s somewhat comforting knowing that others are going through this as well. In some ways it is beautiful that we are having a global collective experience. This is not something that you can read about, feel sad about, then ignore. This is happening for everyone everywhere, uniting us all in some bizarre way. It is an opportunity to take a step back from distractions and get in touch with ourselves and our communities."

"I am grateful that I have a job, despite transitioning to working from home and the challenges it brings. I am valuing my time for myself more and filling it with things that fill me. I am also valuing the time I have to share with others and being sure to make the most of those moments. I am more clear and engaged with my priorities and goals. This has highlighted what is important to me in my life - what I want to hold on to and what I want to let go of. It has also shown me what has been keeping hold of me."

"This is certainly a wake-up call for each of us; the question is whether or not people will answer the call. I have hope that we can take this time to become better humans to ourselves and each other. However, I also understand the reality that many people are eager to return to the comforts of what was."

"On the rougher days, I try to remember I am doing the best I can with what I have. It’s frustrating trying to make plans for a future that has no known start date. So I have embraced having no other option but to fully live in this moment. I have enjoyed having the time to develop my passions and cultivate new ones!"

"To whomever reads this: It is okay to feel helpless, it is okay to feel the need to attempt to take control during a time when many things are uncertain. You are having normal thoughts and feelings in an abnormal situation."

Photography: Eitan Riklis

Text: Laura Tatar

© Eitan Riklis Photography 2020

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