Frame Of Mind - The Balcony Project

Name: Hester Clutterbuck

Country of Origin: U.K.

Occupation: Childcare

"Is this for real, are we in an apocalyptic movie? And, I'm going to be giving birth at home, aren't I?

"I think that everything happens for a reason and that it's the universe's way of cleansing and replenishing itself"

"Apart from being confined to my dwellings, I have to admit I am actually appreciating the slower pace of life, taking time to be with myself and my unborn child. The release of pressure and expectation for social obligations, filling my days with plans and having to always think ahead is rather compelling. Let's just say I'm living the moment!"

"Yes, absolutely. The main thing it has taught me is not to take anything for granted. Freedom of movement, life choices, the natural ups and downs, work and play! All equally as important as one another. Balance on the whole."

"There will definitely be a baby boom in 2021 let's just say. Perhaps it will affect the way in which we as the human race function in general and interact with one another, hopefully for the better."

"The thought that it will eventually pass one way or another helps me on a daily basis. Hopes and dreams of future outings, holidays, seeing friends and family again and the biggest motivation is knowing that soon we will get to explore the world as a new family.

Not to mention regular exercise and music, music, music!"

"The amount of compassion and support that I have seen worldwide from one stranger to another has been quite overwhelming. A form of coalition, not just coexistence!"

Photography: Eitan Riklis

Text: Hester Clutterbuck

© Eitan Riklis Photography 2020

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