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Name: Giulia Albertini

Country Of Origin: Italy

Occupation: Counselor, Psychologist

"When my friends in Italy started to talk about this I didn't understand the danger (but also them) and one of the reasons was my travel, because I was in Colombia in that period, so I felt everything is so far from me"

"I am lucky because I don't have members of my family or friends in Italy and also in Israel with the virus, but when I see video or I read news about this pandemic I feel very sad and scared for the present but also for the future; in particular when I speak with a friend that works in the Hospital in Brescia and he tells me about the situation, about his feelings during his work, about the reactions of the people in Italy"

"I live with a friend in Florentin and I love my house so I stay good at home, I continue to work in Skype and I try to have a daily life, so I start to appreciate the small things day by day....I hope to continue to do this also after, because it makes me feel lucky for what I have and what I built in my life"

"I don't run for to do one million things in a day and I start to appreciate more my time and the small things, so I hope to continue like this after the pandemic, but I am realistic so I think that will be impossible. But I promised to myself to continue to feel lucky and a strong woman, because I had the time to analyse my life and I love what I have"

"I hope, but I don't think that the people could really change, because the society doesn't give you the possibility; and also I think that after this lockout there are a lot of poor people so they won't have the chance to think about their neighbour”

“We are free to go where we wish and to be what we are” (R. Bach). "If we don't forget this we can survive and continue to live more strong than before this pandemic."

Photography: Eitan Riklis

Text: Giulia Albertini

© Eitan Riklis Photography 2020

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