Frame Of Mind - The Balcony Project

Name: Charlotte Wynn Country of Origin: Canada Occupation: Art Writer

"My initial reaction to the corona virus was indifference, now I'm undecided."

"My life is far more relaxed and peaceful. I enjoy the quiet and stillness of the city. The air quality is far better and day-to-day is a lot less stressful."

"My perspective on life has not changed in the slightest."

" I certainly hope so. I hope that people will see the changes in nature and feel the positive changes in the environment and want to continue on similar paths."

"I am truly enjoying the time to be alone. It is a time to be reflective and focus on the many things that I always say I will get around to, but never do. I am learning to play the guitar, I am drawing a lot, doing yoga, and I still have a full time job."

"Personally, I feel that we could use at least a week every year where we shut down and stay home. The only time we usually take for ourselves we fill with events, parties, and travel. This time is a blessing."

"I am high-risk, which is scary, but I am doing my best to stay healthy and positive, which is all I can do on any given day, corona virus or not."

Photography: Eitan Riklis

Text: Charlotte Wynn

© Eitan Riklis Photography 2020

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